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Add your Organization to SocratiQ
Add your Organization to SocratiQ
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Any organizations you're already a part of, will be displayed under your profile.

When you're ready to create an organization, click on the + sign you see under your profile:

You may enter a short name (which will be the username) for your organization and a display name:

(Note that certain characters like dot or comma are not acceptable in the username. If such characters are in the username, the field will remain highlighted in red.)

When you click on Create,

you will be able to:

  1. Purchase Credits

  2. Upload your organization's logo

  3. Edit the display name of your organization

  4. Add Members

You will be able to purchase credits for the entire organization, update or replace the image or logo of your organization and edit the display name.

Add Members

Since you created the organization, your name and profile picture appear as a default.

Click on the + sign to add your student or teacher roster:

Enter emails of the members, separated by a comma. If you have a list already, copy/paste them and Generate Roster:

You will be able to edit the roster, including the username, display name, email and password. You will also be able to change the role (Student or Admin) and status (Member or Teacher).

If the person you're adding already has an account in SocratiQ, the username, password you entered will have no effect on their account. So don't worry about accidentally changing someone's details.

If the person does not have an account, they will be able to use the details you entered in order to login.

(Note that you may remove any member, anytime you want.)

when you're ready to send invitations, write a message to your roster and send:

Members who were invited will receive an email to accept or decline the invitation. They will now appear in the Members section:

Note that:

  1. Your own details are disabled to avoid accidentally deactivating yourself.

  2. You can change the status or the role of any member.

  3. You may activate or deactivate a member.

  4. Only admins have access to activate, deactivate and change the status and roles of other members.

You may use the Search option to narrow down specific members using their name or username:

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